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Jamie Arnold


My given name was Benjamin Lloyd Arnold, or Binyamin Eliyahu.  

The nickname, Jamie, is imbedded in the ben-JAMI-n.  

My parents say an artist friend gave them the idea.  

My great grandfather's given name was Benjamin,

but they called him Wolf.  I like that.  

I like Benjamin too, it sounds more rabbinic.  But Jamie has stuck.


I am fortunate to reside in the beautiful mountains of Colorado just west of Denver, were I live with my wife, Marti, and our family.  We met at Kenyon College and married shortly after my graduation.   We spent the next eight years between Phildelphia and Israel, and came through those years together three children and the title "rabbi" confered by the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College (RRC) in 1999.  I served Temple Sinai, in Buffalo, NY from then until 2005 when I left the land of my upbringing in Western NY to serve Congregation Beth Evergreen (CBE).  


Since moving to Colorado from Western New York, CBE has nearly doubled its size and its programs and services. I am a teacher commited to an ongoing and evolving spiritual practice rooted in Jewish culture and tradition.  I bring my passion as a musician and writer to further my commitment to building and enhancing sacred community, a community with permeable boundaries and lofty ambitions.  


I am a member and past facilitator of the Evergreen Interfaith Group, former Board President of The Interfaith Alliance of Colorado, President and co-founder of AT HOME in Evergreen (an interfaith affordable housing initiative), and a volunteer Law Enforcement Chaplain for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department. 


I also love to hike with my dog Laila, ski (and talk about matters of heart and soul) with my brother, Russ, and ride with the wind, elk and deer on my Yeti (my mountain bike).  


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