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What does Shabbat Shalom mean?


It's about shhh and the silence that follows.

relaxing the grip

on what happens next

or the need to see or be seen or change what has been.

Its about sitting, around the table with new friends

where the conversation roars with laughter and then slows around the bend

in the mucoused messiness of sexual abuse and love and loss and penises in a poem,

rolling waves of joy-power generated by merging streams

that slow and settle when the ravine widens,

like steep headwaters of the Colorado

meeting the Kokosing that meanders in meadows West of Kenyon's eden

Like dropping into an innertube, empty in the middle

backside hits the cold water while your arms and legs are pinned helplessly in the air

ass-under-heels all there is to do is hum along to the ever-changing scene,

basking in the ever-changing You-and-Me

Bat shel Oh! [and) Mmm

With some creative spaces between the letters

commas instead of periods -- (thanks Cal)

today we be daughters of Ohhhhh-MG, of wonder and awe,

one-ing (thanks Amy) away blissfully

Mmm, that smells, looks, tastes, sounds, feels whole-ful

not whole-some, but whole full, satisfied

On Shabbat

living as if

the holes are filled,

debts paid,

work done,

adopting home


That's peace, a sabbath peace, shabbat shalom

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