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Waking to the song


Birds and leaves

Making music

It’s a breeze


Joys and pains

Of all the songs that

Heart strings can play

From Breath to Word

words birthing worlds

Renewing life, now it’s our turn

Baruch she’amar v’hayah ha’olam …baruch hu

Baruch oseh v’reisheet …baruch shemo

Waves of life

Up from the deep

Rolling in time they

Sound out the beat


Why am I here?

What can I say?

Why so much fear?

From breath to word

Words birthing worlds

Renewing life, not it's our turn

Waking the love

I have to give

Voicing melodies

Longing to live

Now that’s a blessing

When the voices sing

Echoing the One

Thy will be done

From heart and mind,

of lips and tongue

Hand in hand, our prayer is sung.

...This song/poem is based on a piece of morning liturgy, baruch sh'amar, that ushers in (or finishes off, in Sphardi tradition) the daily recitaiton of morning psalms.

Pull up a chair.

How do you jumps start the songs of the day?

How do we honor the constant, present process of creation happening right now,

with the meager (and miraculous) tool of speech?

"Sing unto the One a new song!"

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