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Meditation on SHeMA, Listen Israel

SH. Shhhhhh.

Supple fingers raised heavenward,

Lifted to wet lips like SHip resting on the SHoreline

Folding up the sails that turn breath to word

Before the skipper has set the rudder on course.

They whisper:

Is it true? Is it kind?

Can it be heard? Is it helpful?

Is it yours to share?



Stilled waters make the best mirrors.

Listen, and savor what is



In the silent-connecting-spaces





The lips part

The awe rolls into

waves of sound that link me to you to Moses and Miriam

The sea parts

Silence broken

New path chosen.

Now, with rudder in hand can sacred speech set sail.

Stilled speech in a sound body

Steadies a quiet mind and fills a grateful heart.

Where we find Silence, we find God.

When we choose silence, we make space for connection.

And with the word, a new beginning…

Let there be…LOVE.

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