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PSALM 2 – Shudder with Wondrous Joy

PSALM 2 – To Shudder with Wondrous Joy

Break from their yokes

Nations doing what nations do

Peoples bent on self-preservation

Building towers to their pride

Turn instead

To tame and harness

the power of your embarrassment and anger.

Boundaries and borders shall fall

And a new self will rise.


Tremble and shudder

Let the king in me bow

my judgement submit to earth’s decree

The skipper be lost

And the strong and brave one shake with fear

that the soul-self can serve You with amazement

and ride waves of true joy

Ivdu et YaH b’yirah

Gilu bir’adah

Ashrei col chosei vo.


Ivdu et YaH b’yirah – Serve [or work] with wide-eyed wonder

Gilu bir’adah – Shake it off. Rejoice.

Ashrei col chosei vo – Happy are we who take refuge in Thee.

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