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Psalm 3 - Pruning Fear for Love's Sake

PSALM 3 – Pruning for Love’s Sake

When fear makes us run

From promises of peace between father and son.

God, so much tzurrus.

So many voices shadowing my nefesh-self

With tales of woe. Selah. Enough!

It’s the shift, YaH, from me to You

That returns me to the garden guarding my goodness,

Restoring my כבוד-dignity, raising misery to mastery,

Lifting my head.

Wake the voice that calls to You,

Spark my humble spirit, my capacity to respond, from the holy mountain

with the gifts granted to me, presented proudly to You, Selah.

Thereupon I lie again, sleep and wake.

When assaults against higher-self return, you have me covered.

Get up! Save me from cheeks red with shame,

Teeth clinched with worry at the implications of my words,

For the sake of Your name.

Your people. Your blessing. Si. Yes. I see you. Selah!


Mizmor l’daveed – A psalm of David, pruning [my woes] for love’s sake.

Atah magein ba’adi – You are guardian of my goodness, my gifts.

Adonai yismecheini, lo irah – God has me covered, I need not fear.

Ladonai hayeshuah al am’cha birchatecha selah – Help? Redemption? For your sake, for everyone’s sake, with your blessing.

[This passage is part of the ritual closure for the Sabbath, havdalah.]

Selah – [

exclamation!], or, interepretively, A communal basket/offering for You/her.

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