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Psalm 5 -- Devotional song on legacy strings

PSALM 5 – Persistence, A Devotional Song on Legacy Strings

My words, heard? Utter wonder, speechless wisdom, uttered?

Pleading voices waver in the wind and wonder,

“My God, are you even aware? Who’s in charge?

I’m trying to pray here!

I’m talking to You!”

It’s dawning now. Are you listening?

Light stretching across the horizon, my longing reaches for you.

And I wait, trusting that the wanting is not wanton or wicked,

And that my worst –

spouting lies, labels and libels, shaming

and blaming, hating and hurting –

They’re short-term guests

Not permanent residents here.

‘Cause here I am. With so much of your love to offer

in your home, before your holy everyplace-space

Amazed, dazed, and a bit crazed.

Yea, YaH, I could use some of your fair-fare to face all this fear-flare,

Some of your strong-song to help me along,

To find my way back to YaH way.

‘Cause what’s in our mouths, what we’re chewing and spewing,

It’s just not true, not even close. That’s why it tastes so bitter.

The throat can only groan, as alongside the gaping lips of

an open grave.

With slips of the tongue, out of tune, unatoned,

tripping over confidence, obstinance, and self-deceit,

perceiving your retreat as my rejection,

we fall in.

And, there is joy, refuge and exaltation in naming grace and chasing love

When you bless, and stand, and stride, and shoulder the mantle of a just One.


V’ani – “and as for me, [I choose…]”

Ani b’rov chasdecha – I am, I exist in the abundance of Your love

N’cheini b’tzid’qatecha – Guide me with your tzedek [justice]

V’yismechau – and they shall rejoice

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