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Psalm 15: Pure and Simple, Just and True

Written in honor and memory of Paul Rothman, Feivel Avram ben Ephraim z"l

A humble man’s song, a psalm fit for a king.

Breath of Life beyond time and space,

Who resides with you in your tent?

Who climbs and rides beside you

on your rocky mountain high?

One whose motives are pure,

Whose objectives are simple,

Whose methods are just,

Whose words are true

and from the heart.

His tongue is unaccustomed to guile.

Overlooking the faults of others,

he can’t but speak well of neighbor and stranger alike,

all while refraining from false flattery,

and sidestepping praise directed his way.

Without hesitation or stipulation,

he honors his pledges no matter the cost.

To him, the allures of recognition, fame

or personal gain, these hold no sway.

Those who live this way,

Their legacy won’t falter,

nor their memory fade.


Mi yishkan b’har kod’shecha – who dwells on your holy mountain

Holech tammim – keep it simple, pure

Dover emet bilvavo – speak truth in the heart

Yirei YaH yichabed – honor those with godly wonder-and-fear

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