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Resplendent Beauty Everywhere

PSALM 8 – For perpetuating purposeful service for love’s sake

Yud-hei-vav-hei: Contraction, inhale, expansion, exhale. Breath.

Our אדון/Adoneinu: Serving You. Mastering me. Connecting, we.

מה אדיר/Mah Adir: How majestically beautiful!

Each breath, whispered connections, exclamations of wonder,

I hear your name everywhere –

in the mouths of babes, crying, suckling

in our most vulnerable moments

You seed strength for the struggle

against antagonism, vengeance and shame.

Your name I see in each hue of light,

near and far, bright moon, distant star.

מה אנוש/ But who am I, what am I?

Why give mind to me,

בן אדם/born of flesh and blood?

So small, yes, and grand,

crowned with fingerprints of consciousness,

inherent dignity, resplendent beauty,

a taste of godliness, a touch shy of the gods.

The work of your hands is our parable to learn from and care for,

all placed under our watch, A to Z,

hoofs of ox and sheep, claws of wolf and bear in the meadow,

feathered birds stretching heavenward, gilled-fish of the sea

navigating waterways, and trade winds, like me.

Y”H Adoneinu, mah adir sh’mecha,

In breath, connection, and wonder is

Your name written in resplendent beauty throughout the earth.

Focus phrases:

מה אדיר שמך/Mah adir shimcha – How glorious is your name! Such resplendent beauty!

מה אנוש כי תזכרנו -- What is humankind that you should give mind to us?

וכבוד והדר תעטרהו -- [Yet we are also] Crowned with majesty and beauty!

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