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How to sustain love's song...

Psalm 13 – Striving to Perpetuate Love’s Song

Ah. How much longer, Love? Will you ignore me forever?

Ahhh! How long will you conceal your face,

hide-away with your love?

עד אנה –Will my nefesh-soul be forever truncated

by the on-going grief in my heart?

עד אנה –How long?

Look at me. Answer me, Love –

my god, restore light and hope to my eyes

before I slip into a sleep

where darkness and death prevail,

before my inner-adversaries declare victory,

and my anguish smiles as I stumble.

What can I do

but embrace your kindness as enough.

Let the heart knead your help into songs of lasting joy.

Let this carry me through.


עד אנה [ad ana?] – How long? How long! (See song, “How Long?” by Sweet Honey in the Rock)

הביטה ענני [habita, aneini] – See me! Answer me!

יגל לבי [Yageil Libi]–Let my heart rejoice!

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