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Three Keys to Humility: Remember, Give, and Sing Out in the Now.

PSALM 20 – Sing to Sustain Love’s Legacy / ענווה

A humble-response to stress will protect and serve you well.

This is the mystery of tipheret,

beauty-and-compassion, humility-and-pride,

safeguarding the legacy of Jacob, of you, of me, of Love.

This the sacred center.

The help you seek flows forth from there,

that sanctuary,

that sustaining zion.

Remember – each shared meal,

how the scents still rise

in delightful waves, a recurring offering for you.

Grateful recipient, Selah.

Give – as if all the love,

all the desires and designs filling your heart

were planted there

to grow the grace of humbly giving.

Sing out – celebrate the times others came to your aid.

Wave high the white flag, surrendering

to the wonder of not knowing?

Lasting love glows there too, in our queries.

In the now, I know. The anointing oil, the salve,

flows freely upon heads emptied of certainty.

The strength to overcome the need to be ‘right’

clears the way to a heavenly sanctum, a holy home.

Once we reminisced about those riders and horses

of renown. Now our heroism, our greatness

prefers anonymity, namelessness. In the realms of unknowing,

where they bend and falter, we rise and endure.

Accepting limitation can save / Adonai hoshiyah

us by handing the reigns to the responsive-humble heart-center. / hamelech yaaneinu

And today, now, that’s our call. / v’yom qoreinu

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