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Psalm for the New Year

PSALM 24 – A song for love’s sake

To breathe life into the land

and witness it fill with color;

Safe habitations for so many,

Sound ground set up on watery foundations, stormy seas.

Who dares climb the mountain of light?

Ascend to a sanctuary of presence?

Did you wash your hands? Clear your mind?

Cleanse your nefesh-soul of pledges made in vain,

of promises gone sour on the vines of good intentions.

Lift up a brachah, name the nameless blessings

And tzedakah, a wrongdoing redeemed by generous service

This is the generation of generations of seekers,

Longing to reveal true face hidden behind veils

Jacobs masking as Esaus with ambition and pride. Selah.

Raise the gates locking us in a small mind

Open wide the ways of boundless wonder

Expose the naked emperor with joy,

curiosity, and compassion – glorious!

S’u sh’arim rosheichem…Vayavo melech hacavod.

Which is the path to this glorious presence?

Is it power? Is it might? Mighty walls of protection at war?

Raise the gates locking you in your small mind.

Open wide the ways of boundless wonder.

Who is this beacon of boundless wonder?

She comes in so many forms, the one inhabiting the many.

Compassion, Curiosity, Joy –

all of us[1], each of us present -- Glorious. Selah!

[1] Melech spelled backwards is kulam, all of us. The letters mem, lamed, and chaf represent joy, curiosity, and compassion respectively.


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