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Prayer is a writing prompt.

Here, you have three minutes,

            or thirty, or maybe

            an entire afternoon.

Put that, whatever that is, put me, or you,

            or whatever ‘I AM’ is,

            into words.

The gratitude, pain, fear, your longing,

            spell out your heart

            like W-A-T-E-R.


You’re hungry, pray.

The sun is setting, pray.

The sun is rising, pray.

Your meal is over, pray.

The connection is there, pray.

The connection is gone, pray.


Box it up like teiva [nature] in a teva [box]

The Life-Force, the Love, like a care package

To send to your daughter at camp, or your dying mother,

Because she sent them to you

at camp.


And so I did.  I even read it to you.


And even from one

Who weaves wondrous music with words,

In response, please…

Simply share the silence that hums with life.

You can’t know or sooth or change or

            even praise the song

after sight-reading the lyrics.

Not yet.  Prayer is...

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