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Under a Sabbath Spell

Making Magic with a Sabbath-ing Spell

Letting flames dance and glow warmth in and upon the eyes – Shabbat.

Letting scents and senses stir fancy and fantasy – Shabbat.

Letting sips sit under tongue and fork rest between bites – Shabbat.

Letting song speak and sparkle, settle and sink in – Shabbat.

Letting looks linger and glances embrace – Shabbat.

Savoring steps instead of ‘saving time’ – Shabbat.

Here and now, hinei, how good it is to just be, together.

All good, all godly, all gifted, enough for now.

Breathing is believing, being is becoming, and

Belonging is beckoning – Shabbat.

All other calls, worries, wants, to do’s and don’ts can wait for another day.

Take off the watch, take (really, ‘borrow and lend’) time and watch – Shabbat.


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