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Rededicating the House, Psalm 30

Mizmor Shir hanukat habayit l’david

Trimmings of a song of dedication

of house and home, for you, beloved and dear.

Yea, I hold aloft my gratitude

for doors held open to me

gates of opportunity and safety

from enemies – false pride, vain enmity.

Yah, do you hear, hear that knock,

my knocking on empty space

fists clenched and raised.

Where is heaven’s door anyway?

Is anybody home?

I need a Place, a place to stay.

It’s cold. It’s dark. Too long

this exile, too far from home.

Let the pain steer your song

A plea breeds purpose

A prayer stirs kindness,

awakens mind to grateful eyes.

Let your rage be like a fleeting sneeze

cupped hand offering cover.

Nightfall’s tears, by morning gone

dried by love of life, godly desire.

See sunrise visit with another song.

Come in, come in,

You are welcome here

From dawn’s direction,

A homecoming.

How easy it is to fool ourselves,

to make believe that it’s all OK,

that I could close off from all that that is

and is not my doing.

This house, this home, this earth

a loan, all that is, on loan

to tend and lend in turn

the blessings briefly borrowed.

May your will in me

give strength that I not hide,

nor bolt the door to welcome

none but my own fear.

I’ll make the call, to you

I cry, invoking all the grace

I can muster today in the face

of all my whys.

No gain in wasted space

In blessings left unsaid

Shema Adonai, Shema Yisrael

Let listening make room for grandeur.

You turned my mourning to an ecstatic dance

Loosed my sackcloth and lifted me with joy

Glory and Honor gird this song

Glorious home. Honored guests. Grateful hosts.

Bless this House now and evermore.


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