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Psalm 24 - Putting Dignity in charge

PSALM 24 – For Love’s sake, a song honoring diversity[1] / כבוד

For the sake of becoming

One world fills with many[2]

Habitats teaming with life so varied

Foundations laid upon seas of mystery

Mountain streams of lifeforce congealing[3]

Into myriads of being.

Who shall brave this mountain climb?

Who will rise and embrace this holy place?

Cupped hands washed clean of greed

Hearts’ desires refined and clear

Nefesh-souls unsullied by vows made in vain

Yisa’ brachah utzedakah Yisa’ brachah utzedakah

Those who come bearing blessings

Who strive for fairness and justice

For this generation and the next,

Such are the seekers we need. Selah!

Lift your heads, look again, raise the gates.[4]

Be uplifted by options ever-opening

Usher in the rule of Dignity/כבוד!

Who is this master of dignity

Honoring you and me?[5]

She is a warrior courageous and strong

He’s a defender of virtue and peace.

Lift your heads, look again, raise the gates.

Be uplifted by options ever-opening

Usher in the rule of Dignity/כבוד!

How shall we be masters of dignity?

By Honoring each and all.

This is the rule of Dignity. Selah!

[1] Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi’s “Psalms in a translation for praying” translates the Divine title Adonai Tzeva’ot as God of Diversity. This translation runs with that theme.

[2] In his “Book of Psalms” Robert Alter hears in this psalm a call-and-response syntax. The bolded lines here offer a responsive reading option.

[3] Reb Zalman z”l described earthlings/humans starkly and profoundly as “God congealed.” I extend the metaphor.

[4] These verses are incorporated in the Jewish liturgy, especially on the Days of Awe.

[5] A reference to Pirkei Avot’s famous teaching: Who is honored? One who honors everyone.

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