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What would David say of the state of leadership today?

Psalm 14 – Love’s Longing for Leadership

Confounding mind, confused heart. Lost discernment says,

“There’s no divine justice.

Goodwill gone bad. Disgusting.

There’s no human-doing good.”

Look at us, how far we’ve fallen from the heavens!

Are we humans being kind, or wise,

running to, or from, your calling?

Everyone’s turning away from each other,

Wasting the goodness granted,

There’s no human-doing good, -being kind.

Not a one.

Do we not know better?

Consuming sorry substitutes for community,

This is not the calling.

That’s fear, fear of fear.

But godly leadership serves the cause of future generations,

heeds the counsel of those humbled by conscience,

for they have taken refuge in your love.

Who? You? From where will salvation come,

For Israel, the land, people, all who strive for justice.

When we turn back to face one another with love,

fairness and fortune shall return,

heelers will lead with laughter, strivers will smile with joy.


“Are we humans being kind or wise?”

כי אלקים בדור צדיק – God is among the generation of the just, or

Godly leadership serves justice for future generations

בשוב ה' שבות עמו – When Y”H returns the people’s fortunes [to gladness and joy]

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