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Psalm 19 ReSung for Tu Bishvat

PSALM 19 – A Song Striving to Sustain Love

(translated Tu Bishvat 5779, on the occasion of a full lunar eclipse)

The story of divine glory is written in the skies.

Standing beneath the expansive dome, heavenly handiwork,

tales of wonder are told without words: Honor-Splendor in One / כבוד-אל.

In earth's shadow, witness the moon shining still,

revealing new dimensions of beauty above and below,

radiant light reverberating without and within.

The day-to-day play of a planet spinning ‘round

The night-to-night way of concealing-revealing light,

mystery eluding names, seeding curiosity, Eve’s eye

glimpsing hidden wisdom, da’at / דעת, an intimate knowing

that there is no word, no matter, no voice that goes unheard.

No voice goes unheard and everything has a voice, is voice.

Invisible lines of connection branching out across the land,

every inch of earth is sound embodied.

Echoes of the big bang, primordial speech congealing,

that’s us, waves of sound rolling all into being,

even the sun. Is she not sound, syllable,

music manifesting as heat-and-light,

a vented tent concealing a warm winter fire within?

The fervor of word-becoming-world abound,

like newlyweds racing from wedding canopy to bedchamber,

like a bold explorer readying for the road,

like heavens reaching for a horizon.

From one edge of the expanding cosmos to the other, there is nothing

hidden from that sun, and all is song-filled service of the One.

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